Surinam Toad

Scientific Name: Atelopus zeteki
Anura (frogs & toads)

Pipidae (tongue-less frogs)

Habitat & Range
They live in the ponds of northwestern Venezuela (lake Maricaibo area), as well as northeastern Columbia.

These primarily aquatic toads have big feet and solid, flat bodies. The toad does not have teeth or a tongue.

The Sabana Surinam toad eats insects, crustaceans, and small fish.

Reproduction & Lifespan
During the breeding process, the female’s eggs are fertilized and implanted on her back by the male. The tadpoles will hatch from the female’s back after approximately 20 weeks.

Fantastic Fact
A Touchy Subject
Sabana Surinam toads have sensitive lobe organs on their fingers and several receptors on their skin that allow them to locate their prey, detect potential predators, and find their mates in deep murky water.
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