Scientific Name: Coragyps atratus
Cathartiformes (vultures and condors)

Cathartidae (vultures and condors )

Habitat & Range
The black vulture can be found in the eastern and southeastern United States, as well as different subtropical regions of South America.

Black vultures are large birds, measuring up to 29 inches long, with wingspans as long as 4 to 5 feet. They have bald black heads and black plumage, with the occasional white spot appearing underneath each wing. They are slightly smaller than turkey vultures.

The black vulture is a true scavenger, feeding on carrion (dead animals), eggs, or defenseless newborn creatures. In human populations, black vultures have been found to feed at garbage dumps.

Reproduction & Lifespan
Black vultures sometimes perform courtship flights, consisting of dives and chases over their planned nesting site. They usually mate in the early spring, nesting in tree cavities, on rocky ledges, or in caves. Wild black vultures may only live up to 5 years, while birds living in captivity may survive up to 30 years.

Fantastic Fact
I’ll have the veal
Black vultures have been known to feed on livestock, often harassing cows giving birth and their newborn calves.
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